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Victor Murray

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About Me

Experienced R&D Professional in Electrical and Computer Engineer

Experienced engineer with a profile of innovation, adaptability, creation, research, development and vocation to solve major challenges. Skills for the management and leadership of different working groups. Experience in USA (Harvard, University of New Mexico, Air Force Research Labs, VisionQuest Bio) and Peru (UTEC, PUCP). Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, expert on digital image and video processing methods, reconfigurable hardware design and engineering education. Experience as director, principal investigator, project leader, and founder of a startup. Bilingual professional. Author of patents, journals and papers. Currently with US affiliations as associate at Harvard University, and as research professor at the University of New Mexico (UNM).

Research Interests

• Medical Image and Video Processing and Analysis (medical imaging).
• Digital Image and Video Processing.
• Amplitude modulation–Frequency modulation (AM-FM) methods.
• Reconfigurable Computer Architecture Design with Applications to Space and Biomedical Signal, Image and Video systems.
• Engineering Education.


Office P507
Jr. Medrano Silva 165, Barranco
Lima, Peru


Email: vmurray[at]utec[dot]edu[dot]pe
Phone: +51-1-230-5000 x4229

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